For us, belief is huge! We want to align ourselves with like-minded people.

We have a simple motto, we want to be in the
right place, at the right time, with the right people.

We have a core set of values that we follow day in day out. These are
values that overflow into all areas of our lives. This is how we get it done.

Lead By Example

In everything we do, from our professional lives to our personal lives we lead by example. We let our actions speak louder that our works.

Let Your Word Be
Your Bond

When we do speak, we stick to what we say. We say what mean and mean what we say. We never attempt to speak over anyone’s head.

Measure Twice,
Cut Once

It is that simple. Measure once, and then measure again. Now we know what to do, then we cut. This is our approach to everything we do. This keeps us on point and focused on delivering.

Help Where &
When You Can

When you have been given a gift and talent, it is up to you to use it and to others who do not have the talents and gifts you have. Our team is made up of some truly talented and gifted people. We help where and when we can.


We have a heart for excellence and hold ourselves to a high standard.



With over 17 years of video production experience, Tim directs all of the video projects at TSC. His understanding of production and sense of humor make for fun and successful video projects. With a passion for storytelling , Tim loves getting to be an integral part of helping businesses succeed.



Let’s face it, Kandace keeps us organized and enables us to do what we do best. She’s a great component to our team and keeps things running smoothly in production and behind the scenes. Kandace loves people and good conversation. If you bring her a Chai latte, you very well may be friends for life.



Solving problems and cracking jokes, Chris loves working with clients to achieve their marketing goals. He is an amazing strategist and visionary; encouraging others and seeing potential in them. Chris is able to take complex ideas and turn them into simple steps that produce tangible results.

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