75th Anniversary Video Production Bid, October 16, 2020

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Saladmaster again. Seventy five years is a HUGE accomplishment and we can’t wait to showcase the legacy, success and future movement of Saladmaster. 

While known as an international company and household name, Saladmaster started from one man, taking his passion to the world. And from the hood of a car, Mr. Lemmons brought people together with food and innovation. His unique invention so captivated his audience that he was able to revolutionize the way people prepare and cook food in their own homes.

By helping people eat healthier, enjoy time together around food and establishing the opportunity for a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility, Saladmaster has proven to be a pioneer and continued innovator in our times. Saladmaster has become more than a company, it has become a MOVEMENT. 

To highlight all Saladmaster has accomplished, as well as integrate the new “Change Your Cookware, Change Your Life” campaign, The Story Concept would like to present the following ideas for creative direction of the proposed videos. 

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Reference Videos


Sample of environmental photos captured through video (Clips begin at 0:37)


Sample of interview style for talking head content