75th Anniversary Video Production Instructions

Please watch each video below.

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Overview of Interview Process

In this video we explain how the interview process is going to work.  We walk you through the process of how we use your phone to capture the interview and a laptop/tablet with Zoom on it.  Our goal is to make this process as smooth and simple as possibly while guiding you through the interview.

Interview Option 1: Natural Light

Interview option 1, this will be the approach we recommend for anyone that has natural lighting.  This means you have access to nice windows within your house or office and you can position your chair where you will be interviewed approximately 2 meters from the window.  You do not want to be in direct sunlight, we recommend a window with some sort of sheer fabric over it to diffuse the light, resulting in softer shadows.

Interview Option 2: Light Ring

Interview Option 2, this is if your desired interview location has no access to natural lighting.  We will walk you through on how to place and adjust the light settings to get the best possible look on camera.

This video covers the camera settings we need your phone to have.   If you have any questions please contact Chris Gifford at

Wired Lapel Mic Setup

This covers how to setup and attach the wired lapel microphone for your interview.  If you have any questions please contact Chris Gifford at

What to Wear and Makeup

In this video we discuss what to wear and what type of makeup to use.

Scheduling Your Interview

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