The Story Concept: Building Relationships Through Video


In today’s marketing environment, the best way to build brand awareness is with video content. We’ve put together a collection of our most effective video products that create connection with the end consumer and accelerate business growth.

Select from the different types of videos to see examples.

Brand Film


We accelerate growth in your business by communicating story and providing value to your audience. Our Story Reel presents a snapshot of the purpose and intent of our clients in their unique markets.

Brand Film

Want to make a great first impression? A brand film is essential content for any business. This is where you introduce the world to your business. This video includes 3-5 people giving their unique perspective while sharing a cohesive message. With supporting b-roll and compelling music, we take your story and bring it all together into an inspiring two-minute brand film.

Video business card

Nobody sells your business better than you. This a passionate video from you, the business owner, telling the viewer about your business. VBC’s focus on the “why” of your business, the products/services you offer, and how your company helps people. We then add music, sound design, and graphics to create a video that clearly showcases you and your business.

Comedic Ads

Comedic content can catch the eye of new customers in a way other advertising just can’t compete with. If you can make someone laugh, you’ll have their attention.

We love bringing the unexpected and have lots of fun working on these types of ads. Producing comedic content requires a number of things to come together. The creative direction, the choice of actor or actress, as well as their delivery of the material must all come together for the content to be effective. If you’re looking for a bold way to capture new clients, comedic ads may be just what you need in your business.

Thought leadership

Customers buy from those they know, like and trust. The more informed your target audience is, the easier it is to get them to trust you and purchase from you. And what better way to build your rapport and to become their trusted advisor than with thought leadership videos.

Our focus with thought leadership videos is simple. We take the top questions your clients are asking and produce videos on those topics. If you have a number of services at your company, this can be a simple explanation video about each service, educating your target audience on why that service is so great and how it will assist and bring value to them.

lifestyle testimonial

A lifestyle Testimonial is powerful because it is word of mouth advertising. A Lifestyle Testimonial is a solo interview of one client/customer singing your praises and talking about how your company has solved their problem or made their life better. In addition to the interview footage, we capture video of your client using your product/service and engaging with you and your company. A Lifestyle Testimonial is a credibility piece that can be used effectively over and over again.

Conversation series

A conversation series is exactly what it sounds like, it is a conversation between two people. Ideally this is between you, the business owner and a colleague or client/customer. Within the Conversation Series, there will be a series of talking points you will hit. The videos will focus on one topic at a time and be broken into short impactful videos no longer than 3 minutes in length.


Docu-series content is based on real-life moments and encounters. You might be asking how can a docu-series benefit my business? These types of videos give the consumer a look into the heart and culture of your business. In many cases, they display the “why” behind your business and how you go about serving the end consumer. Being a series means that the story unfolds over the course of a number of videos. The format of each episode follows a predictable flow, but the content is unique and draws the viewer in.