The Story Concept: Building Relationships Through Video

A Story 75 years in the making

We first worked with Saladmaster on a product launch video in 2019 which ultimately became the most successful video they’ve produced to date. When it came time to produce videos for their 75th anniversary, we were honored to be selected to communicate this impressive milestone. Filming for a global company during a pandemic offered some real challenges but we made a way to connect, to understand the stories and even filmed some parts virtually to still make it all work together.

Our team collaborated with their marketing department and identified the unique aspects Saladmaster has used to build a global brand. We studied the history, interviewed executives and dealers alike from all over the world. As a result, we were able to discern the vision, build the strategy and communicate the Saladmaster story in such a compelling way that many who watched it were moved to tears.

“this project was
the perfect way for
us to wrap up the
year in 2020″


We appreciate the uniqueness of each and every client. Through our process, we amplify their unique story to the world. Those tears from the Saladmaster family? They tell us that is exactly what we’ve been able to do for them. To take the passion they feel inside for their business and showcase it to the world in a way that fascinates and captivates their target audience.

Our Adoptive Entrepreneurship mindset allows us to become a part of each team’s collaboration process. We bring a fresh perspective and unique insights that allow us to voice the heart and soul of a business in a way they’ve always wanted to but just didn’t know how. If you want to bring the same level of intentionality and professionalism to your business, schedule a free 30 minute strategy session today.


“they are an extension of our saladmaster family”


We help you discover the best solutions for your company by using video to create awareness and engagement while educating your prospective client base about your “why”, how you will enrich their lives, and broaden their possibilities.

we take a servant
leadership approach

it is the core of who we are

In this video we explain the importance of “CRAWL, WALK, RUN”

being in business can be challenging, but
know right now that you are not alone!!!

With our Story Amplifier Process, we meet you where you are and guide you through each step of the way. We take a servant leadership approach through our crawl, walk, run methodology.

We invite you to partner with us as we help
you share your story, grow your business and
develop meaningful relationships.

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