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10 Video Package for Your Brand

The Story Accelerator package was created to activate key messaging on your website, boost your online presence, and ultimately close more business.

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Included in this package:


We start we getting to know you and your business. Once we have a clear understanding of your company, story, and target audience we produce your videos!


Get 10 unique videos!

Our Vistage Elite video shoots are truly a first class experience! While our focus is excellence, we do our part to make the process easy and fun for you too!

Video Package Samples

Sizzle 30

Since you only get one first impression, this video is essential! It’s an introduction video speaking directly at camera where you get to share as you would in person over coffee. It’s designed to be used on your LinkedIn profile and at the top of your website. In this video you will introduce yourself, share your “why” for leading a Vistage Group, and share about the benefits of being in your Vistage Group.

Nicole Lindley First Impression Video

Three Interview Videos

Interview videos are designed to draw the view into the conversation, just as if they were sitting with you in person. In our extraction process, we’ll discover key topics to go over in these videos. Each video will be between 30 and 90 seconds with a compelling music bed underneath to enhance the viewing experience. These videos showcase the substance and rich context of your Vistage Group, highlighting the impact it can make in a person’s life. These videos are intended to work as a three part series and will be showcased front and center on the welcome page of your sales funnel website. 

VIDEO 1: How this Vistage Group serves its members.

VIDEO 2: What Nicole loves about her Vistage Group.​

VIDEO 3: What sets Nicole apart.

Six FAQ Video SEO

Video SEO is next GEN SEO! When we can answer the FAQs your prospective members are asking, and then provide an answer, search engines prioritize them too! This sets you up as the thought leader in your industry.  Each video gets its own landing page, making it easy to share individual videos on social media, in emails and even through text message!

FAQ 1: Who’s in your group?

FAQ 2: What can I expect to gain from being a member?

FAQ 3: Why is a one-to-one with me so important?

FAQ 4: Is this just about business?

FAQ 5: What are examples of things you talk about in the group meetings?

FAQ 6: How do I know this is the right group for me?

"Working with The Story Concept has been fun and easy"

-Nicole Lindley

Vistage Chair, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area

We are with you each step of the way!

Our Vistage Elite Process

STEP 1 :

We get to know you and your vision for your group in a meeting.

STEP 2 :

What you say is very important. We get all of your message in alignment with the vision for your group.

STEP 3 :

We develop your content into a website focused on conversion.

STEP 4 :

Our team sets up your apps, social, and distribution platforms.

STEP 5 :

We bring you the knowledge and support to thrive.


Pick a date and time, and we can help you grow your Vistage Group.



Our Resource Center has all of the on-going educational video content you need to grow your group. Check back weekly for new videos!