Tim Noah


A true storyteller and natural strategist, Tim has close to 20 years of video production experience. Precision, creativity, and excellence ooze from every frame of video Tim directs for our clients. Tim’s charming and fun personality shines through on set as he directs all of the video production projects for our clients. He loves being an integral part of helping our clients  grow their businesses.

Kandace Noah


With a heart for people, communication, and organization, Kandace leads each client relationship through from initial meeting to successful launch. She provides insight into the processes we offer and is the trusted guide working with you each step of the way. Kandace brings commitment to excellence and transparency to each client relationship.


We steward time, resources, and people. We take this approach whether it’s interacting with our own team members or our clients. It’s doing the best with what we have. It’s not a “theirs” or “ours” mentality. It’s stewarding all resources that are at hand for the best for all parties involved … so everyone wins. 

This is how we SERVE


We engage in conversations and communication with each other and our clients. We value relationships enough to clarify intentions over assumptions and will err on the side of over-communication for the sake of clarity.

This is how we SERVE


We respect each other, our clients, and value the role they play in each of our stories. It’s about honoring those we are brought into relationship with and treating them right.

This is how we SERVE


We see value in all things. From our client relationships to team members, to the equipment and property we use. We chose to value what is in our hands. 

This is how we SERVE


We actually like each other and have fun working together! That gives us an excitement for each project we get to work on for our clients. Excitement is contagious and makes for a great experience for our clients too!

This is how we SERVE